Friday, 11 March 2016

Ontario Budget Commentary for 2016

New info you may be interested in for the 2016 year.

Take a look at our latest publication for related information on:

1. Personal income tax, and simplification of personal income tax
2. Tuition and education tax credits
3. Children's activity tax credits
4. Healthy home renovation tax credits
5. Split income tax
6. Corporate income tax
7. Research and development tax credits
8. Apprenticeship training tax credits
9. Workplace safety insurance premiums
10. Alcohol and tobacco tax
11. Underground economy
12. Tackling climate change
13. Ontario retirement pension plan
14. Property tax

Plus more

Please follow this link to get the scoop: McIntyre_Associates_2016_Ontario_Budget_Commentary

Please note that you will need a PDF viewer. You can get one free here. Adobe PDF Reader

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